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Financing Options

The multifamily lending process begins with a conversation. Regardless of the loan type, lenders will need information about you. Make copies of financial statements; bank accounts, investments, credit cards, auto loans, recent pay stubs and two years’ tax returns.

Selecting the right loan products

Talk to one of our multifamily investment advisors about your debt and equity options. What’s the right loan product for you?

We’ll discuss whether a recourse or non-recourse loan, interest only mortgage, fully amortized or something in between is the right option to meet your investment criteria. Would your asset qualify for agency debt? We’ll discuss your multifamily exit strategies and hold period. Discussion of some of the challenges that come with the territory such as prepayment penalties, defeasance versus yield maintenance and loan to value (LTV) restrictions.

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Financial Analysis of the Asset

Our team of Multifamily Investment Advisors will take a close look at the multifamily asset you’re looking to acquire or reposition through a refinance or recapitalization. We’ll deep dive into the current financials, identifying key metrics and indicators. Our advisors will also use predictive indicators to determine and package the trajectory of the asset based on peer property performance and determine the internal rate of return based on inflation, rent growth, gross rent multiple and 17 other metrics in packaging the asset for appraisal and underwriting.

Portfolio Valuation

Our advisors will consider your global cashflow and return on equity, probing for opportunities to force appreciation and add value. Reach out to the Multifamily Investment Advisors to continue the conversation…

A $1,000 per month savings is $12,000 per year and a a 6% cap rate equates to $200,000 in added value.