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Greater Austin “West Side”

Across the western boundaries of the city, Austin is one of Chicago’s most populous neighborhoods and host to a diverse and passionate community. With pockets of historic homes, Austin offers a number of multi-room houses and smaller condominium complexes. This neighborhood is also home to Columbus Park, 140.65 acre historic park. From Garfield Park in the east to the edge of Oak Park in the west, Greater Austin is one of the most expansive neighborhoods in Chicago. Belted by railroad tracks on the east and north with access to both the Blue Line and Green Line, Austin is a transportation gateway between the city and the suburbs.

Austin is known for a wide range of architecture, culture, personality, and cuisine. Southern style cooking, cajun, and soul food abound here, particularly in the southern area. However, the size of Austin means a number of choices are available including Mexican, Thai, or even Greek restaurants. No matter where you are, expect your culinary options to be locally owned and customer oriented.

Austin is one of 10 neighborhoods targeted under Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “Invest South/West” neighborhood development initiative, which focuses on a 1.5-mile stretch of Chicago Avenue between Austin Boulevard and Cicero Avenue. The community has proposed “Soul City Corridor” as the name of this area. Furthermore, “Austin Forward. Together,” is a larger initiative that includes 11 projects around the area, including pop-up basketball courts. Greater Austin has more to come.

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